Open to the public, great prices for a Saltillo tile with all it's high qualities, trademarks, ASTM rating, Copyrights, brand.
Why settle for a non-registered tile which vendors can not call "Saltillo" tile without the registrations to back it up?
Think about it, your money and your problem!!!!
We can ship directly from Mexico or the USA no less than 6 pallets. 36 boxes per pallet 360 tiles, call to get a quote! (966) 212-8144

When you buy Saltillo Tile are you asking for Quality Saltillo? Look at this webpage by the Better Business Bureau regarding ""Grey Market Goods", it also refers to the import and sales of goods by unauthorized dealers with unregistered products of lesser quality. In many cases unauthorized dealers will not replace bad product or their service to customers. Please check!! It is for your benefit on your investment. If you think you have been sold "Grey Market Goods", contact your local Attorney General's Consumer Protection Department.

What is Saltillo Tile?

Saltillo Tile is handmade from 100% pure clay from the city of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico and has been ever since 1577.

How is Saltillo Tile made?

Saltillo tile is a "Green Product" meaning that it is enviromentally friendly and made only from non-toxic, renewable materials.

Commercial Installations of Saltillo and Talavera Tile

Residential Installations of Saltillo and Talavera Tile

We offer several different types of tile.

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For many years, competitors have tried to manufacture
similar looking products.

But none could ever be considered true, Saltillo Tile. Here some examples of what to look for...

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