Installation Suggestions

How to make sure your Saltillo Tile is installed right.
  1. Thoroughly dust tile surfaces by rubbing with a clean cloth or brush.
  2. Seal tile surface following instructions as per manufacturer recommendation. If factory sealed tile is purchased, skip steps 1 and 2. It is recommended that all tiles be sealed before installation.
  3. Use only thin set mortar for its installation, never use mortar with cement and never moisten tiles.
  4. Prepare area on which tile is to be set by thoroughly cleaning, allowing bonding of thin set mortar to the floor.
  5. Unpack tiles from several boxes and mix them to have a good combination of colors for each grid.
  6. Begin installation making sure each tile has, at least, 90% coverage of the thin set mortar.
  7. Thin set mortar should be trowelled (using a ½” notch) on a small area of floor at a time.
  8. Place tile on flat, even surface with a twisting motion while pressing down with hand and spacing to the desired joint (1/4”).
  9. With the wooden handle of a tool, tap over the tile surface. If a hollow sound is heard, pick up the tile and apply more thin set mortar to the areas where the coverage was not initially attained.
  10. After tiles are properly installed, allow a 24-hour period before grouting.
  11. Grout tiles with the desired color. After grouting in a diagonally motion, let set for about 10 to 15 minutes before washing the excess away. Do not use acid or any corrosive material on tiles.
  12. Wash excess away using a damp sponge in a circular motion.
  13. Allow grout to cure for about 72 hours before use. Make sure to re-coat the grout area properly with an oil base.
  14. Once the tiles are installed and sealed, a periodic coating with a water base, acrylic Floor Polish is recommended to extend the life and shine of your Saltillo. It will also cover any minor scratches that may appear.