Recommended Maintenance

How to make sure your Saltillo Tile lasts for years to come.
  • Sweep, vacuum or dust mop the floor often. This will keep the floor free from sand and grit. The combination of sand and leather sole shoes has the same scratching effect as sandpaper. If the finish is damaged by abrasion of this type, dirt can attach much easier to the surface, making the floor more difficult to clean and maintain.
  • Damp mop floor as needed with a mix of clean water and a neutral cleaning solution for tiles found on Home Centers. Avoid using household cleaners such as vinegar and water, ammonia solutions, any other corrosive solutions or just plain water. These are not effective and can cause more damage.
  • Watch for developing “wear patterns” in the “high traffic areas”. Clean these areas with a mixture of clean water and a neutral cleaning solution. Use stiff nylon bristle brush, or white scouring pad in heavy soiled areas. Rinse area with clean water and allow the area to dry. Apply a water base, acrylic Floor Polish only to these areas. The floor polish will blend into the rest of the floor without showing overlap or riding. When the rest of the floor begins to look dull, as compared to the high traffic areas, apply a thin coat of an oil base sealer to the entire floor.
  • It is essential to re-coat the tiles before their finish wears off. Do not allow a visible deterioration of the finish to occur to re-coat the floor. Periodic cleaning and polishing is recommended.